Jeffrey Schwartz Photography

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Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge
Mustard Flowers
Killer Sunset
Sunrise in Kauai
Brown Pelican
Lupine Fields at Sunset
Seascape Sunset
Old rusted truck in the woods
Sunrise in Kauai
Fishing Boat
River flowing to the Sea
Kauai Beach Sunset
Trinidad Pier
Kauai Surf
Maui Sunset
Forest Fisheye view from the ground
West End Horse
Horse with a sunset
Cow and Calf
Cows with the sunset
Barn in the sunset
Grey Owl
Horse and Barn
Luffenholtz Beach

Jeffrey Schwartz Photography

Jeffrey taking a picture with a donkey

For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed taking pictures. As a child, I converted my parents' bathroom into a makeshift darkroom where I developed black and white film and made prints with my enlarger.

Today, my wife, sons and I live in beautiful Northern California. We are busy juggling our jobs, the house, the kids' schoolwork and sporting events. We also have a dog and a turtle that live with us. There is little time to travel on a "photo safari." So after I get home from work, I like to grab my camera and head out. There are beautiful things to photograph all around us. I love not knowing what I will find.

I created this website to display a few of my favorite images. I hope you like them.

Please click here to see links to the various online stock photo websites that show my images and make them available for immediate purchase and download.